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It wasn’t a morning after an especially hard mission, it wasn’t a morning after a moths of blessed peace, when either of them had nothing to do, just enjoying each other’s presence. It was the
morning when they were cuddled up in Clint’s bed. Lying together snuggled under the blanket, Natasha was cuddled into Clint’s side, he had one arm sneaked around her waist, and the other was
gently stroking her skin. They talked a bit, shared feather-like kisses.

With the very first sound from the small alarm clock near Clint’s bed, they both got up.

Clint was returning from the kitchen with two mugs of coffee. When he spotted Natasha, she was wearing his yesterday’s shirt and looked gorgeous. With her hair still dyed blond from her last mission and in his light blue shirt she looked like an angel.

“I’ve been thinking.”

“What about?”

There always is something about a woman that wears her man’s clothes, and the half-naked man stopped for a second, stunned, before handing Natasha her coffee.

“We should get married.”

A beautiful smile lights up her face, the one smile that is reserved for Clint only.

His proposal was most certainly unexpected and unusual. He doesn’t get on one knee, he doesn’t hide the ring in champagne or into a cake. Clint simply rolls around on his unmade bed. “Here. Will you marry me?” He’s handing her a very expensive watch.

“What no ring?” She asked amused.

He was hoping she wouldn’t be offended or god forbid angered that he didn’t buy her the stereotypical diamond ring. “It’s not practical… and I know you wouldn’t want Stark asking any questions.”

“Clint…” She says his name softly; it almost seems like an involuntary reaction rather than an actual start of a sentence.

Clint smirks, feeling a bit more confident, because whether or not he wants to admit it, Clint was nervous. “So what do you think?”

Natasha sits on the bed and lets Clint to put the watch on her left hand. “I think you’re crazy.” The smile doesn’t leave her face, in fact if it’s even possible if gets brighter and her whole face lights up. He understands her. It’s her way of saying ‘yes’.

He had prepared a bit longer speech, explaining the watch, but Natasha interrupted him even before he could open his mouth. “And your watch is perfect. Thank you.” She kisses him, passionately, hoping it expresses everything she feels about the man in front of her.

“And I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Words by tinachan-slytherin. Gifs by mydoctortennant. Requested by 80sblazer.

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Love the GIFs!! I hope I’ll be able to manage these somedays! ^^

Still, it is always nice to see that my work can be inspiring! <3

peterthehale asked
hi can you link me to the pictures that you used in your clintasha manips please? I really love them

Unfortunatly I don’t have them on this computer but the pictures are from The Hurt Locker and The Nannies Diaries! I found them on some Jeremy’s and Scarlett’s fansite! ;)